The Creator

Céline Rivet, otherwise known as ‘Garnazelle’, is a daughter, a mother, a woman in the image of Gaya - free, wild and solar.

A childhood in Paris and Sologne has given her a character both lively and dreamy, almost bohemian.

A father who loved Art, who devoted his whole life to the infinite quest of ‘the beautiful’ and who has transfered this flame to his daughter. A mother, gentle, devoted to others, gave her a generous temperament.

After studying gemology, it was in the diamond business that Céline Rivet’s professional career began. From visits to the jewellers of Place Vendôme and the best workshops, she discovered the secrets of jewellery creation and the precious French ‘savoir-faire’.

But Céline Rivet is above all an artist with many ideas, who needs to create to express herself. Her passion for gems took her to Antwerp, India, the United States and Madagascar. Through these travels, she meets the stone merchants who sharpen her eye, fascinated by the colours, shapes and stories that a stone can tell.

In 2002, she founded Maison Garnazelle. Her inspiration comes from paintings of ancient and modern art, nature, the stones themselves and especially her own emotions, which she synthesizes instinctively to create pieces in a unique style.

Her work focuses on safeguarding French ‘savoir-faire’ and spreading her own concept of luxury. One creation in particular launched the beginning of its recognition: the ring Boule d'Amour. “Its form appeared to me in a dream”, she says.

Since then, the gold granules on each of her pieces are her signature. Other iconic creations have followed, such as the For Forever ring, more eccentric pieces such as the Crazy Frog ring, or exceptional pieces such as the Fairy Wood necklace.

After more than 15 years of creation for Maison Garnazelle, Céline Rivet feels the need to broaden her expression. She has imagined a new brand of lyrical jewellery, colourful jewellery, fresh, light and elegant. A creator deeply rooted in her time and endowed with acute sensitivity, she has created the Gaya brand as a vector of universal love, paying tribute to free women wishing to live their daily life in the light.