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Girls are strong

Time stands still, arms embrace, and age no longer matters. Only the bond between these women is important, creating a moment of freedom and love. Gaya embodies universal love and pays homage to the givers of life by celebrating tribes with bravery and a touch of folly.

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Girls gang forever

Gaya will never stop celebrating women who are courageous, supportive, resilient, caring, free-spirited, dignified, and strong. This is the DNA of our Maison.
These are the women who will never let go of their dreams!

Be you, be strong, be Gaya

The jewelry house that gives power to the passionate, to women, to the expression of beauty, and to emotions.
Gaya, power of emotions.

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Handcrafted jewelry
for everyday life

Creations and collections

Gaya is an experience: rich, surprising, and jubilant. Luxury becomes part of our everyday lives with effortless jewelry. Natural, accumulated, layered, carefully selected, and crafted by hand.

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In gold we trust

Our creations are made in the true French jewelry-making tradition. Our stones are hand-picked by our founder with great care and are sourced in the most eco-friendly mines available.


We love the idea that our sparkling, joyful creations will be lasting treasures passed on from generation to generation.
Quality is everything!



Beautiful stories,
women’s stories